ready for next level – One Meaningful Life

Congratulations! You're registered for my live goal setting workshop!

While you're here, let me ask you something!

Do you wish you had more support when it comes to building your life?

I'm going to talk about this in the workshop too but why wait? You're clearly someone ready to build the meaningful life they are looking for!

One of the hardest things about setting goals is following through because who do you talk to when you're having a rough day?

Feeling pulled down by your environment? 

Most of us have no one that understand what we need in that moment.

Even if we have a supportive loved one they are probably going
to just pat us on the back and say "no big deal!"

But the life you want to build is a big deal!

It's the time you are accountable for.  
Your relationships with people you love.
Opportunities you don't want want to lose. 

Memories not being made.

Dreams...those dreams that keep coming back to you. 

I have a solution for you and I built it because it's the same solution

that I personally need to stick to my own goals.

I created a program & community that offers you consistent mentorship, inspiration, support, accountability, and direct help answering your questions when you're stuck.

We even celebrate milestones! (Because happiness is a huge motivator!)

The One Meaningful Life program is a comprehensive training course designed to help you build the life you were made for.

We model our program based on our Triad of Success:

Faith, Family & Fulfillment.

Allow me, and all of my awesome guest instructors to mentor you in these three areas and show you how to build your most meaningful year yet! 

If you become a member today, you'll receive the following: 

* The entire One Meaningful Life training system 
* Monthly group coaching 
* Monthly Guest interviews & live workshops
* The recordings of all previous live workshops
* The recording for the goal setting workshop 
* Access to our exclusive FB community of members 

...with a significant discount! You can enroll at our 2020 prices (before all this crazy inflation) and save 30% off current member prices. 

Why? Why am I offering you this when I know I can make more money by selling my program at the market price point that makes sense for 2023? 

Because I know how hard it is to take that first
step towards investing yourself.

We can think about things for years, literally years, before we take that step to say "Yes, I want to aim for more meaningful, love,
fulfillment, and worship in my life."

So, this moment is actually rather significant for you
and that deserves to be rewarded.

There's something else I want to tell you too.

I built the One Meaningful Life program with
one very key understanding at it's core: 

Life is hard. 

Too many programs talk about "abundance" and "manifesting" and ideas that ignore the reality that you can't control everything in life. 

We're Muslim, we know life is a test and we know there will be hardships. 

But that doesn't mean life cannot be full of worship, 
fulfillment, and beautiful relationships.

This program does not promise you to be the happiest person of the year (though that could certainly be a side effect of building your life) but it does show you how to build a meaningful life. 

A meaningful life is available to everyone. 

But finding the meaning and choosing to build your life around it:
that is up to you. 

Build with us.

You have one life on this earth. 
Make it meaningful.