now – One Meaningful Life

Free Virtual Event: July 23-25

Take Back Your Time, Energy, & Focus to
Live With Greater Purpose, Impact,
Presence & Fulfillment

Here's What to Expect:

Day 1: Reclaim Your Joy @ 11am PST
Embrace gratitude, set healthy boundaries, and prioritize self-care to elevate your everyday joy and well being.

Day 2: Reconnect Your Hearts @ 11am PST
Strengthen family bonds with meaningful rituals and goals that create lasting, meaningful memories together.

Day 3: Rediscover Your Passion @ 11am PST
Ignite your enthusiasm by setting exciting, meaningful goals that resonate with your true self.

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This event, held on Zoom, is designed to provide you with transformative insights and practical steps to help you build the life you were made for.

Plus, you'll have the chance to connect with an incredible community of like-minded individuals.

This is a unique opportunity to take that first step towards a fulfilling and empowered life.

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Looking forward to seeing you there, insha'Allah!

Meet Coach Megan....

As'salamu Alaikum!

I'm Megan Wyatt, and I am dedicated to helping Muslims build stronger relationships, lead meaningful lives, launch impactful projects, and live according to their highest values, fisabilillah.

Since 2008, I have been a multi-passionate business owner, life & relationship coach, published author, conference speaker, podcaster, community gatherer, wife, project & business consultant, veteran homeschooling mother, and a proud convert to Islam since 1998.

Certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Robbins-Madanes Center for S.I.


1) Where will this event take place?
The event will take place on Zoom and a link will be sent out to those who register.

2) How long will each session last?
Each session will be between 75-90 minutes long including the Q&A coaching opportunities. 

3) Will there be a recording?
You will have the opportunity to upgrade to our VIP $1 package and have recordings available for one week. (You'll find this option after you place your initial registration.)

4) Is this for men and women?
Yes, my personal development events and group coaching programs are for everyone. 

5) Can I invite friends to join? 
Of course! In order to make sure they receive timely emails and updates send them the link on this page to register for free.