Get ready to build the life you were made for and experience stronger faith, more connected relationships, and feeling fulfilled at the end of easy day.  

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Life has many moments of absolute joy, pleasure, laughter, and awesomeness.

A majestic sunset which relieves our tired eyes.

Hugs from friends and family who care about our dreams and our losses.

That perfect meal where you laughed until your sides hurt.

The smiles from people we don’t know who make us feel more positive in this big world.

The beauty of life is what makes life worth fighting for but the beauty doesn’t exist alone. Life is also hard, exhausting, painful, confusing, daunting, disappointing,

and at times even frightening. 

To cope, many people chase and chase after happiness and lose themselves trying to keep that happiness-high alive.

As life bears down they end up depressed, in despair, resentful, and with a starving soul.

They begin to think that they aren’t worthy of having a good life.

Love hurts, people hurt, and the world hurts.

Then comes along this simple but powerful word
that changes everything: meaningful.

A meaningful life extends beyond just yourself and invites fulfillment.

You begin to recognize that you are more influential and more powerful than you realize.

Your life experiences, your voice, and your skills can make a bigger difference in the world. 

You become stronger, bolder, and more daring but in the places that it counts and makes a lasting difference.

As a result, someone is texting you saying, "thank you so much..." or emailing you with "My life has changed because of you..." 

A meaningful life invites you to love more deeply;

nurturing the relationships in your family.

Your family is a top priority because you know that the people you love are the greatest gifts you have in your life.

Now more confident and more present, they feel the positive change just by being around you. 

There are more hugs, more harmony, and more discussions that matter.

You go to sleep at night knowing those you love 

feel loved.

A meaningful life connects your heart to the One who made you
and continuously 
recharges your faith.

Your faith, while often tested, continues to be recharged as your life is built around service to those you love, to your community, and the world you live in.

You stop asking, "Why me?"  and instead your heart asks your Lord, "Guide me and use me for Your sake. Help me find the meaning in these tests I'm going through. "

You know why you are alive. You know you matter. 

Your heart is consistently filled with gratitude.

These are the three ingredients for a meaningful life:

Triad of a Meaningful Life

My name is Megan Wyatt, and I've spent over a decade as a life and relationship coach helping people discover the ingredients to living a meaningful life based on faith, family, and fulfillment.

I've also worked hard at developing my own meaningful life and conquered quite a lot of fears along the way to get there!

From launching several faith-based projects, to becoming a public speaker, volunteering for my local community, developing myself as a life and relationship coach, publishing my first book with my eldest daughter, running multiple social media pages with original content, and homeschooling my kids; all while keeping my family as a central priority in my life.

A meaningful life based on faith, family, and fulfillment can be built.

I didn't always know what questions to ask myself to help me overcome fears and limiting beliefs about what I could do with my life.

I didn't always know that my past didn't have to define my future.

I didn't always have a vision and purpose for my life.

Now I do, and I'm ready to share with you how you can build the life you were made for. 

Get ready for the One Meaningful Life online experience!

One Meaningful Life Online Experience Coming Soon:  Get on the Early Bird Interest List  

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