Ramadan for Mothers With Young Kids 2023 – One Meaningful Life

Ramadan Workshop for Mothers With Young Kids

Important Notes About Workshop: 

1) There is an important writing activity near the beginning of this workshop. You must do it to benefit from the rest of the content. This material has an interactive portion for a reason and insha'Allah you'll benefit highly by participating. 

2) I edited out some of the wait time during the exercise writing portion since live participants took about 7-10 minutes to complete it all in all. You can pause and continue whenever you are ready to move on! There are a number of important steps after this section that reference your exercise and what you wrote down as well. 

3) If you are looking for 1-on-1 coaching at any time you can apply here anytime:  https://onemeaningfullife.com/1-on-1-coaching/

4) For those who would like to become full members of the https://onemeaningfullife.com/ program, email me for a special discount only available to workshop participants! 

5) May Allah bless you for taking time out to plan your Ramadan! May Allah accept all your acts of 'ibadah and make you and your family amongst those whom He loves.