get Ready to Build the life You were made for.

Build a MORE meaningful life with stronger faith,

more connected relationships, 

and fulfilling work YOU LOVE that serves the world.

When you put your head on the pillow at night, do you feel like you've lived a good day?


Do you feel like you showed up as your best self in your relationships?

Are you connecting to Allah and feeling daily gratitude for your life and loved ones?

Does your life feel filled with meaningful work?

many people feel disconnected from their life's purpose and the people they love because THEY'RE STUCK JUST GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS all WHILE TRYING TO DEAL WITH LIFE'S CHALLENGES....

Life does have many moments of absolute joy, pleasure, laughter, and awesomeness.

A majestic sunset which relieves your tired eyes. 

Hugs from friends and family who care about your dreams and losses.

That perfect meal where you laughed until your sides hurt. 

The smiles from people you don’t even know but make you feel more positive in this big world.

The beauty of life is what makes life worth fighting for but life is also hard, exhausting, painful, confusing, daunting, disappointing, and even frightening at times.

To cope, many people chase and chase after happiness and lose themselves trying to keep that happiness-high alive.

As life bears down they end up depressed, in despair, resentful, and with a starving soul. 

They begin to think that they aren’t worthy of having a good life.

Love hurts, people hurt, and the world hurts.

Then comes along this simple but powerful word that changes everything:

A Meaningful life extends beyond just yourself and invites fulfillment.

You begin to recognize that you are more influential and more powerful than you realize. 

Your life experiences, your voice, and your skills can make a bigger difference in the world. 

You become stronger, bolder, and more daring but in the places that it counts and makes a lasting difference.

As a result, someone is saying to you, "thank you so've no idea what this means to me" or emailing you with "My life has changed because of you...

A Meaningful life invites you to be more present and connected; nurturing the relationships in your family. 

Your family is a top priority because you know that the people you love are the greatest gifts you have in your life.  

Now more confident and more present, they feel the positive change just by being around you. 

There are more hugs, more harmony, and more discussions that matter.

You go to sleep at night knowing those you love feel loved. 

A Meaningful life Connects You to the One who made you and continuously recharges your faith. 

Your faith, while often tested, continues to be recharged as your life is built around service to those you love, to your community, and the world you live in.

You stop asking, "Why me?" and instead your heart asks your Lord, "Guide me and use me for Your sake. Help me find the meaning in these tests I'm going through. "

You know why you are alive. You know you matter. 

Your heart is consistently filled with gratitude. 

Your du'a are more personal, more open, and your trust in Allah is stronger. 


Today, you're invited to Take the actions that will help you build the life you were made for. 

But first, let me introduce myself. 

Salam & Hello! My name is Megan Wyatt, and I've spent over a decade as a life and relationship coach helping people discover the ingredients to living a meaningful life. Over the years, the areas this boiled down to were: faith, family, and fulfillment.

I've personally worked hard at developing my own meaningful life and conquered quite a lot of fears along the way to get to where I am now!

I used to have zero goals for myself, didn't know anything  about personal development, and lacked confidence to build a life that was meaningful for ME! (And wasted a lot of time and energy....)

But then, everything changed once I learned how to think differently about life and how to build more of what I wanted into my life in the areas I have control over. 

Those changes supported me in launching several meaningful businesses, becoming a public speaker, volunteering for my local community, developing myself as a life and relationship coach, publishing my first book with my eldest daughter, running multiple social media pages with original content, homeschooling my kids; currently prepping to publish my first relationship book, all while keeping my husband and four kids as a central priority in my life.  (Whew! Right? But let's get back to you!) 

my life journey and over a decade of working with others inspired me to create the
one meaningful life online program!





















with Megan Wyatt
Available Upon Registration

Module 1: How I Stumbled My Way Into Personal Development
Learn about how Megan first discovered the world of personal development and how you can mine your own life journey for gems that can one day support someone else on their own.

Module 2: The Benefits of Seeking Meaning vs. Happiness in Your Life
Everyone wants to be happy, but how often do people think about living meaningfully? When life is hard, finding meaning will pull you through where happiness isn’t found. 

Module 3: What Coaching Taught Me About Success
After a decade of coaching, Megan will share with you what she’s learned about being successful and the difference between those who experience it in their life and relationships and those who don’t. 

Starts March22

Module 1: Own Your Most Authentic Identity

Megan Wyatt
To begin any path of growth, you first have to reconnect with who you truly are and why you are meant to be living on this earth. Your most authentic identity will empower you your entire life and give you an unstoppable confidence and self worth that no one can take away from you.  

Module 2: Trusting in Allah Again After a Major Hardship
Dr. Marwa Assar
Learn how you can strengthen your relationship with Allah and cultivate trust in Him while going through pain and struggling with disappointment.

Module 3: Allah Loves the Strong Muslim: 3 Tips for Reviving Your Health with Food
Noor Salem
Your health has an impact on your worship, work, and relationships. Learn how to make better food choices for yourself and your family and discover holistic remedies from the Qur'an and Sunnah. 

Module 4: Developing Your Spiritual Compass 

Anse Dr. Tamara Gray

Delve into verses of The Qur'an and learn how to derive spiritual benefit for you personally. Revisit the different ways you can connect with your Lord through prayer. Revisit beautiful moments in the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad and remember your place in his Ummah. 

Module 5: Conquer Spiritual Anxiety By Knowing Your Lord
Sh. Furhan Zubairi
Every person of faith experiences difficulties in life. Those difficulties can be spiritual, emotional, physical, psychological, or economic. A lot of these difficulties lead towards spiritual anxiety affecting our relationship with Allah. Connecting with Allah as the Most Merciful and His Messenger as a Mercy for the universe helps ease this uneasiness within out hearts and minds.

Module 6: If The Prophet Could Speak to You During Your Hard Times
Sh. Yaser Birjas
The Prophet Muhammad (saw) went through the toughest of times and experienced many losses in his lifetime. When you are at your most broken moments what do you think he might tell you?

Module 7: Find Your Story and Hope in the Seerah
Sh. Hasib Noor

​Have you ever felt like your pain is unique? Like no one else could understand the depths of your despair and what you've been going through?  Let's open the pages of the Seerah and find comfort in the trials of those who came before us and learn what brought them relief, patience, and resilience. 

Live Life Coaching Q&A Session #1
Megan Wyatt
Ask your questions about goal setting, gain clarity on content, and prepare to turn a new chapter in your life! Join the live online Q&A session! 


Starts March 29th

Module 1: The Art of Loving Communication

Megan Wyatt
The quality of your life is measured by the quality of your relationships. To live a truly successful and meaningful life is to show up as your best self with everyone you love. Discover the 5 key ingredients to developing loving communication patterns in with those you love.

Module 2: Letting Love Lead the Way in Your Marriage
Megan Wyatt
Find out how to avoid one of the most common pitfalls of a marital relationship and learn how to lead with love in your marriage. This concept alone has transformed relationships from surviving to thriving.

Module 3: Three Relationship Rules for Staying Connected To Your Kids
Megan Wyatt
Having kids is a huge blessing and responsibility. Learn how you can stay connected to your kids with three relationship rules that can serve you no matter what their age is.

Module 4: Loving Your Parents as an Adult and Cultivating a New Relationship
Megan Wyatt
Your relationship with your parents is one of the most important ones you have but it may not be the easiest. Now that you’re an adult, learn how to engage with your parents in a way that allows you to honor them while also respecting your own needs as an individual.

Module 5: Three Essential Mindsets For Becoming an Outstanding Spouse

Megan Wyatt

Single or married this training program will give you the three most essential mindsets you need to develop a strong and healthy marriage. 

Live Life Coaching Q&A Session #2
Megan Wyatt
Ask your questions about goal setting, gain clarity on content, and prepare to turn a new chapter in your life! Join the live online Q&A session! 


Starts April 5th

Module 1: Discover What Your “Thing” Is to Serve the World & Why You Should Serve!

Megan Wyatt
How do people decide what their “thing” is to do in the world? Do a deep dive into mind and heart and find where your path to serving begins. Discover benefits for serving others and know you are meant to make a difference.

Module 2: Stop Hiding & Start Telling Your Story
Na'ima B. Robert
What’s at stake if you keep hiding in your life and don’t show up as your greatest potential? Who is missing out on benefitting from your life experience? It's time to break free from the excuses and fears that are holding you back from telling the world your story and advancing your mission to make an impact on the world.

Module 3: Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities
Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins

Ever tried to share your light with the world only to get knocked down or have life circumstances get in the way? Learn how to turn the obstacles that come your way into opportunities to succeed, how to embrace your personal flaws and limitations, and be persistent in taking actions that turn your dream into a reality.

Module 4: Everyone Has a Genius Zone. Even You!
Hafsa Taher
Have you ever thought, "Oh, I'm not that good at anything" or "Who am I to think I'm special enough to put myself out there"? Take a deep dive into your thought process and discover why everyone, including you, has a genius zone they can use to serve the world whether in a career or outside of one.  

Module 5: Three Mindsets to Level Up as a Leader in Your Life

Dr. Ahmed Sidky

Most people are followers, but few become leaders, and you're one of them. But if you want to reach your next level goals for your project, business, or community service work, you'll want to learn three essential mindsets that will prepare you to inspire and guide others to a new level of success amidst your leadership.

Live Life Coaching Q&A Session #3
Megan Wyatt
Ask your questions about goal setting, gain clarity on content, and prepare to turn a new chapter in your life! Join the live online Q&A session! 


Starts April 12th

BUILDER DAY 1: How to Set Goals That Change Your Life
Megan Wyatt
Learn how to transform the ideas and concepts you learned into real life actionable goals with a goal setting and success measurement training. 

Megan Wyatt
Determine what specific actions you want to take to strengthen your iman and your Muslim identity over the next 3 months and make your relationship with Allah your top priority.  

Megan Wyatt
Determine what specific actions you want to take with your family over the next 3 months so you show up as your best self for the people you love the most.

Megan Wyatt
Determine what specific actions you want to take over the next three months to add more fulfilling actions into your life as you serve the world with your skills, experiences, and talents.

BUILDER DAY 5: How to Manage Setbacks on Your Path
Megan Wyatt
What happens when you start off to change your life and then things don’t go the way you planned? Learn how to manage setbacks and overcome them while building your meaningful life.

BUILDER DAY 6:  Live Life Coaching Q&A Sessions
Megan Wyatt
Ask your questions about goal setting, gain clarity on content, and prepare to turn a new chapter in your life! Join the final Q&A session! 

BUILDER DAY 7:  YES! It's Celebration Day!!!!! (04/18/2020)
Submit your course completion growth point worksheet and share with all of the speakers what you learned, how you’ve grown, and what’s next! Receive a digital certificate celebrating the completion of this course! 

Get ready to build the life you were made for! Sign up details... 



  • Over 20 hours of training material  to support you in the three areas of life success: faith, family, & fulfillment. 
  • 4 Live Life Coaching Q&A Sessions with Megan 
  • The Build Your Life downloadable workbook that accompanies each training module
  • Private membership site built with easy ways to share questions or complete program action items. 
  • 3 month membership to the OML Life Builders monthly membership program. Live monthly teaching topics & life coaching Q&A sessions.
  •  3 month membership into Megan's group coaching program. Two sessions/month of 1-on-1 coaching with dedicated time spot just for you. 


Working professionals who are asking "what's next" outside of their 9 to 5 work life and the daily grind. 

Stay at home moms who feel an itch to do something more but aren't sure where to begin with their hidden passions.

Creatives with a small side business but need more confidence to put themselves out there and make it successful.

Spouses who want to create more presence and connection in their marriage and family life. 

Converts who want to strengthen their Muslim identity without losing their personality and sense of self. 

Community leaders who want to nurture their faith on a private level and develop their personal vision and leadership goals.


Q: How do I participate in the live life coaching Q&A sessions?

A: You will be able to join our Q&A sessions using either a direct phone number you'll call for people in USA/CANADA/UK and a free web call option if you don't have a direct line to call in on. 

Q: Do you have a payment plan?

A: Yes! You'll find the payment plan option on the checkout page. 

Q: Can I pay with Paypal?

A: Yes! Please email to request a Paypal checkout link. 

Q: How will the training material be released?

A: This program is both live and self-paced. Each week of this four week program we'll be releasing the training modules and materials that go with that week's theme. New content is always released on a Sunday. You then have the entire week to watch the training modules at your own pace. The live component are the life coaching Q&A sessions where Megan will be live to answer any questions you have that connect to your life, the training, one of your goals, or anything on your mind. 

Q: What happens if I fall behind? 

A: You will get the best experience if you complete all the course modules and workbook assignments on pace with the course, but we understand life can be busy. If you fall behind, you still have access to the training material for one whole year.

Q: Can I share this with my husband/wife/mom/dad/best friend. 

A: It's awesome you want to share! You will be receiving  private membership access to this program. If you want to watch with someone else in your own home we're fine with that. You won't be able to send your login details to someone else for them to access as the system limits how many IP addresses you can login from. If you know someone that will benefit, encourage them to sign up or gift them the course! 

Q: Is this program for both men and women?

A: Absolutely. Personal development experiences are for everyone. 

Q: I'm not Muslim. Could I still benefit from this program? 

A: Yes! This course is designed to speak to Muslims using faith-based languages, concepts, and terms that are familiar for Muslim. If you're OK with that and comfortable participating in a personal development course with an Islamic lens, you are more than welcome.

Q: This sounds great, but what if I sign up and find out it's not really for me?

A: You have access to the fist 14 days of the program. If you don't find any benefit during that time, send us an email and we'll cancel your membership access and happily refund your investment. We want you to be happy and find what's best for you.  :)

Q: I'm interested in the group coaching package. Tell me more! 

A: Group coaching is an opportunity to work directly with Megan in your goals. You get a 20 minute focused Momentum coaching session on the phone while your group members listen in and benefit from your session. When you're done, you'll be listening to their journey and goals. Group coaching helps you learn from how other people are doing things and offers a positive environment with like minded people who want to build their life! (If you want full private 50 minute sessions email for details.) 

Q: What's the upcoming Life Builders Monthly Membership that in the coaching package?

A: Thanks for asking! Coming in June will be the kick-off of our monthly membership program. Each month will feature engaging live presentations with Megan and other guest speakers, live life coaching Q&A sessions, and other private content created just for members. This monthly program will use the One Meaningful Life course as a foundation ​for designing and building your life. It's your positive space to support you each month. 

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