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Critical Relationship Skills Single Muslims
Should Practice Before Marriage 

Live Workshop Online: Tuesday 7/5

Let me cut to the chase on why I'm offering this workshop.

I have been a relationship coach for 13+ years working every single week with people on their marriages and I have noticed what skills and mindsets help a marriage blossom or self-destruct. 
Those who benefit from marital coaching and mentorship have specific skills and mindsets that allow them to grow and improve their marriage.

Those who are missing these same skills and mindsets struggle or never change.
They go from counselor to counselor living out the same painful relationship patterns or the marriage ends in divorce. 

Those skills and mindsets can and should be developed well before marriage.

In fact, they are important for any important relationship be it the one with your
parents, siblings, cousins, friends, co-workers, or community members.

But especially important for marriage.

There is plenty of content out there talking about the virtues of marriage and what kinds of things to ask a spouse. 

But what about developing essential relationship skills that will directly impact your marriage, your future spouse, and your own quality of life?  

This part is what you bring to the table. Let's work on it together! 

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