How to Find Your "Thing" That Brings You The
Greatest Fulfillment in Your Life

with Megan Wyatt, Founder of One Meaningful Life

So tell me! What are some things that really light you up that you might want to explore more of in your life? Share your comments below. I will read them. 🙂

  • RAZ says:

    So many things! Alhamdillah. The top two, is to write a book (independently from) and to help homeschooling Muslim families.

  • N says:

    As salaamu alaikum
    I feel excited to speak a new language but then I feel its a waste of time, how would it be pleasing to Allah to do that if its not my mother tongue or arabic?

    • meganwyatt says:

      wa alaikum salam! Great question! Perhaps you can dig in and ask yourself what speaking another language could lead you too.

    • Hajrija says:

      Continuing with what Megan said about what learning another language could lead you too.
      My thoughts: Introducing other people to Islam who you couldn’t communicate with before, making other people feel appreciated and respected by speaking their language (setting a good example), finding more knowledge to absorb, helping others (ie interpreting, guiding etc), and many more things !

    • Green22. says:

      Salam, what language ur learning


    Furthering my Islamic studies is a dream for me and Alhamdulilah I love teaching people especially small children it’s such an honour
    May Allah accept

  • Khadijah says:

    Working with young children.

  • Mahwash Ajaz says:

    Healthy nutrition and excersize

  • Abulghasem Musa says:

    I enjoyed very much lessoning to your videos , I have learned a lots from all your videos.

    Many thanks


  • Abdul Shafi says:

    My vision to understand my Islamic religion in deep also and volunteering on helping my fellow Muslims who are in hard time in short to my humanity to penetrate inside the heart of my fellow Muslims In shaa Allah

  • meganwyatt says:

    If you aren’t taking action now, consider setting a goal before 2021 begins to volunteer to help those in need even in a small capacity.


    Thanks, Megan for your enlighthing the way to go and the way to do, for the past 20 years, I would travel to see the life beyond cultures , environment and surrounding on ethics and behaviors, the activities stop once the COVID19 get in place..while in understanding the marketplace , we need to know the surrounding as well, Alhamdulillah, for the past 20 years, teach me a lot on consumer behaviour, corporate behaviour, throughout the American culture, European Culture, Middle Eastern Cultures, Asian Cultures, Australasia Cultures…the less explore toward African and the Russian., where if the time permits and the health in good shape, Insya Allah, try to to make the trip and to complete the study of global behavior .

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