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Build the Life You Were 

Made For, Fisabilillah

A 12 Week Program for Creating & Achieving Goals You Actually Love & Feel Excited to Fulfill Without Shaming Yourself to Stay Motivated

 The positivity has boosted my motivation and brought more clarity in how I plan my day and week.

OML Member - Sister 
M.M. - Qatar

I better understand my goals and what motivates me. I manage my time much better now and I feel more present with my children. I feel more content and satisfied when I do things for my family or at work. I have started appreciating myself more instead of beating myself down. The positivity has boosted my motivation and brought more clarity in how I plan my day and week. 

Do you feel like the daily grind is consuming all your time and energy and your most meaningful life goals aren't happening?

Are you feeling guilty about all the doom scrolling & distracted time wasted on your phone but also too exhausted to connect with your family?

Do you feel privileged and want to make a greater impact on the Ummah but lack the clarity or confidence to take action?

Imagine with me for a moment…

...envision that your "daily grind" feels more purposeful and includes time spent on the things that matter the most to you.  When your head hits the pillow at night you feel grateful and content, Alhamdulilah.

Picture yourself pursuing meaningful goals not just for achievement, but as stepping stones towards your true purpose - each one bringing you closer to building the life you want to live, fisabilillah.

More connected to your faith, your loved ones, and spending your time in ways that are truly fulfilling and making a difference.

And you're doing it it from a place that feels joyful, motivating, and inspiring. (Not out of shame or "not good enough" vibes.)

Over the course of twelve weeks I will teach you how to create & achieve goals you actually love with a system that sets you up for success.

The result? Building the life you were made for, fisabilillah. 

Ready to start this transformative journey?

Let’s dive deeper into how this program can change your life.

My health has improved drastically, I am no longer working a dead end job and Inshallah I will be getting married soon.

OML Member Brother
Y.A. - United kingdom

I don’t think there’s anyone else out there doing what Megan does in the way that she does it.  In my experience, very few are able to match her quality and depth. I think Megan designed the program based on her own passions and her experience of being a coach within the Muslim space, way before coaching was popular. It so happened that a lot of what she selected aligned with what I needed.  My health has improved drastically, I am no longer working a dead end job and insha'Allah I will be getting married soon.

As'salamu Alaikum!

I'm Megan Wyatt, and I am dedicated to helping Muslims build stronger relationships, lead meaningful lives, launch impactful projects, and live according to their highest values, fisabilillah.

Since 2008, I have been a multi-passionate business owner, life & relationship coach, published author, conference speaker, podcaster, community gatherer, wife, project & business consultant, veteran homeschooling mother, and a proud convert to Islam since 1998.

Many of you may know me from my work with Wives of JannahFind Your Mr. RightOne Meaningful LifeHijab Ready, my podcast shows, social media presence, or events you've attended. I truly embody the term multi-passionate! :)

Certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Robbins-Madanes Center for S.I.

Have you ever tried creating SMART goals or other goal setting methods and found yourself still failing? Even if you were working with a life coach? You're not alone...

In my mid-twenties, around 2007, I stumbled into the world of personal development where I would soon realize I didn't have a solid vision for my life and what I was capable of.

I knew I wanted to live for the sake of Allah, but what did that mean beyond the rituals of our Deen?

I dipped my toes into the world of living my "best life," "manifesting," and "leaving a legacy." I followed various systems and methodologies to create visions and goals, but I kept failing to achieve consistent outcomes.

Sound familiar? I wasn't alone. I met many "personal development junkies" who hopped from one program to the next, spending a fortune but living the same unfulfilled lives.

Why? We were being taught the "secret sauce" by those who had supposedly "made it."

Determined to break this cycle, I became a certified life coach, thinking it would keep me motivated. Even after learning about SMART goals, vision boards, and other goal-setting techniques, I didn’t consistently succeed.

I still felt stuck, and so did my clients.

We worked on SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) goals, tackled limiting beliefs, and created compelling visions for the future. While people achieved more with my guidance, I wasn't satisfied. Many clients often didn't follow through, waited for direction, and lost confidence.

I needed answers. Frustrated, I dug deep into my accomplishments to see why I succeeded sometimes, but not other times, when there weren't outside reasons for my failure. (Like becoming really ill or a setback purely from the qadr of Allah.)

And something incredible stood out for me! I was thrilled and surprised to discover I did, in fact, have a system I could have been consistently following for myself and for my clients! 

Before I share what that is let me share the seven mistakes I can now identify that will to set you up for failure, regret, and "I knew I couldn't do this" negative self talk...

Here are seven common mistakes you might be making when setting goals that can, unfortunately, set you up for failure, regret, and that dreaded "I knew I couldn't do this" negative self-talk...


Mistake #1: Creating Shame-Based Goals

Do your goals come from a place of fear or worry about what others think? Shame-based goals originate from feelings of not being good enough or from the stress of “what will people say?” fears. These goals aren't rooted in the sake of Allah, and they certainly don’t bring joy, passion, or contentment into your journey.

When you’re driven by shame, your efforts are about silencing that relentless inner critic. Be honest—who really stays motivated by that negative voice?

Sure, some people might achieve external success through sheer willpower, but their lives often lack deep meaning, connection, and true purpose.

At the end of the day, or even at the end of their lives, these individuals often regret caring so much about others' opinions. They wish they had spent more time living according to their true calling, fisabilillah.


Mistake #2: No New Exciting Actions to Add

Too many people tackle their goals through deprivation, almost punishing themselves as they strive for change. This approach focuses on what you’ll deprive yourself of, leading to an existence filled with negative energy each day.

Here's the problem with that: When your journey is void of meaningful, joyful, and exciting actions, you’re setting yourself up to give up on yourself quickly. You start losing confidence, and before you know it, you’re caving in to that inner critic who’s whispering, "I told you so."

Let’s face it: This is how most people are taught to set goals, and it’s no surprise it feels terrible. When you deprive yourself without adding any excitement or joy, you’re stuck in a cycle of negativity and frustration. It’s time to break free from that pattern!


Mistake #3: Hating the Process & Time 

Here’s a powerful truth: Life doesn’t magically start when you achieve a goal. The journey toward building your life is your life! If your goal is to become stronger and more flexible, for example, the path you take toward reaching that first milestone is just as significant as achieving the milestone itself.

Why is this important? Because the journey needs to be meaningful and inspiring on its own. You should find deep fulfillment in every step you take. Yes, you’ll need discipline, and yes, sometimes you’ll push yourself to your limits, but imagine doing all that without hating the process or regretting the time and energy invested.

Remember: The outcomes are ultimately up to Allah, but the journey—that’s yours to shape and cherish. Choose a path that brings you joy, passion, and fulfillment. This way, every moment becomes a part of your incredible life story.


Mistake #4: Not Having a Plan B & Plan C

Here’s a reality check: Life is hard and unpredictable. You can't control everything, which is why it's crucial to be realistic about your goals and to have a Plan B and Plan C ready to keep your progress on track.

Too many programs and coaches pump people up to DREAM BIG without equipping them to incorporate new actions into their existing life structures. Without flexibility, you’re setting yourself up for frustration and negative self-talk when things don’t go perfectly.

Think about it: When you’re not prepared with backup plans, you risk losing motivation and confidence. That’s when the internal dialogue starts—the “I knew this was a bad idea” and “I’m just not the kind of person meant to succeed at this” thoughts creep in.

But you don't have to fall into that trap! Prepare yourself with alternative routes to reach your goals. Flexibility is your ally, allowing you to adapt and stay on course no matter what life throws your way. Remember, the journey towards your goals should be resilient and adaptable, just like you.


Mistake #5: Comparing Yourself With Others

Comparison is the thief of joy. When you compare yourself to others, you invite self-doubt, lose grace for yourself, and completely lose sight of WHY you are here in the first place. Your time, focus, and energy are drained in the process.

Here’s the trap: Before you even really get started, you’re already sizing up your so-called competition, questioning your worth compared to someone else. This mindset keeps you stuck, creating a cycle of distraction that robs you of your own unique skills, opportunities, and the power to take charge of your life’s meaning and value.

Break free from this cycle! Focus on your journey, your growth, and your goals. Everyone’s path is different, and by investing your energy in your own progress, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Remember, you are unique, and you are meant to show up and serve differently from others. You can do this best when you stop comparing and start believing in yourself.


Mistake #6: Not Having Accountability 

Here’s the thing about pride: It whispers that "you should be able to figure this out on your own." But let’s get real—nobody achieves greatness alone. Think back to your school days. Chances are, the only reason you graduated high school or college was because you had accountability. Poor grades meant negative consequences.

Consider this: At work, your performance is tied to your salary. In volunteer work, your attendance (or lack thereof) impacts others. And with Salah, we remember that there is the Day of Judgment. Accountability isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s fundamental to our success.

Don’t deny yourself this crucial element! Denying yourself the environment and accountability you need to thrive is like denying yourself air to breathe. Accountability helps us stay on track, pushes us to our best, and ensures that we don’t just set goals but achieve them.

Here’s the truth: When you embrace accountability, you give yourself the power and support to rise above challenges and make meaningful progress. Surround yourself with people who hold you to your highest standards and watch as your life transforms.


Mistake #7: Never Celebrating 

When was the last time you truly celebrated yourself? To celebrate, you need to slow down and reflect on what you’ve achieved, how you’ve grown, and the difference you’ve made. If you never give yourself a moment to celebrate, you’ll never feel "enough." The goalpost keeps moving, but it’s not you deciding where it should be.

Here's the danger: This relentless pursuit without acknowledgment leads to a life of emptiness, exhaustion, and ingratitude. What can you thank Allah for if you can't see what's worth celebrating?

Let’s change that mindset: Celebrating your wins, no matter how small, is crucial. It’s about recognizing your progress, honoring your efforts, and building a sense of accomplishment. This gratitude fuels your journey and keeps you motivated.

Celebrate Your Journey: Take time to acknowledge your victories. Be grateful for your progress. Celebrate your successes, and let that joy propel you forward. Life is too short not to recognize and honor your achievements. By celebrating, you affirm your worth and keep your spirit vibrant and energized.

Remember: Every small win is a step towards your larger goals. Celebrate these moments and thank Allah for the blessings and growth they bring.

Imagine three goals you love being actualized in your life and in 12 weeks time you're celebrating with gratitude because you're not just building, but living, the life you were made for, fisabilillah. 

So, what was the system I was unknowingly following that was helping me succeed? Let me back up and tell you a story....

Before I embraced Islam, I lived in a constant state of emotional desperation, fearing abandonment by those around me.

I tolerated harmful situations, maintained superficial relationships, and didn’t truly know who I wanted to be.

My life was dictated by the relationships I was trying to hold onto and the goals set by others.

Then, I discovered Islam, and three profound insights transformed my life forever:

  1. Accountability: I would be asked about everything I did in my life.
  2. Intentions: My rewards would be based on my intentions.
  3. Worship: Every action had the potential to become an act of worship.

Ibn Mas’ud reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

“The son of Adam will not be dismissed from his Lord on the Day of Resurrection until he is questioned about five matters: his life and how he lived it, his youth and how he expended it, his wealth and how he earned and spent it, and how he acted upon his knowledge.”

These points were significant because they provided a divine invitation to reevaluate my entire life and my motivations.

It all began with finding meaning and purpose.

I examined my areas of success and realized that what truly ignited my passion was bringing people together, fisabilillah.

Whenever I imagined how I could benefit our Ummah, I felt a surge of energy!

From organizing Ramadan picnics and halaqas to book clubs, parties, conferences, webinars, teaching, speaking, saving a marriage in couples coaching, group coaching online—witnessing others launch amazing projects that serve the community—all these activities brought me immense joy.

But there was one crucial ingredient that brought my goals to life, even when working alone:



The old me operated from a place of shame, constantly focusing on my flaws and punishing myself with negative self-talk and perceptions.

But joy, combined with meaning and ibadah, allowed me to build a life where my inner critic, wounded child, and insecurities no longer had control.  

After spending thousands of hours discussing people's deepest desires, relationship challenges, new life goals, biggest intentions, and unfulfilled dreams (dreams that our world desperately needs to see realized), I learned to recognize when someone is setting themselves up to fail.

A series of "fails" can lead to a life filled with regrets.

I want to help you avoid that fate!

Both your dunyah and akhirah depend on the choices you make right now. Your future is being planned in the present.

That’s why I’ve created a transformative program, offering you a 

comprehensive and empowering journey that combines the insights, strategies, and support you need to achieve living according to your highest purpose fisabilillah.

Get ready to replace doom scrolling and wasted time on your phone with actions that ignite your passion 
and drive to truly live, fisabilillah. 

I now better understand my goals, manage my time effectively, and feel more present with my family!

OML Member - Sister 
M.M. - United Kingdom

Sometimes I felt so stuck; I felt there was no solution except that I stop being lazy. I decided to work with Megan after following her Facebook posts and exploring her OML program, which focused on building a meaningful life within an Islamic framework.

I really felt understood. I loved the energy Megan brought to our discussions. I loved the insight. I started finding clarity and progress after the very first coaching session!

Megan's understanding and energy made a significant difference.

Her insightful questions and practical steps helped me gain clarity and progress from the very first session. I now better understand my goals, manage my time effectively, and feel more present with my family!

How the Program Works


Use Megan's "A Life Captured" Goal Setting Mastery Method to create three goals you love and are excited about. This system shows you how to confidently qualify a goal worthy of your efforts.


Watch the weekly deep dive video training sessions. These sessions introduce you to mindsets, skills, and tools that help you live in alignment with your values and Deen. They will boost your mood and inspiration.




Join weekly group coaching sessions. Feel supported with coaching and connection from Megan and other members. You'll have friends cheering you on as you take new actions.


Submit weekly photographs highlighting the actions you’re taking. This accountability feature will become a beautiful montage of your progress. Your celebration day will be so meaningful as you look back on your journey.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll create three meaningful goals you love, take concrete action, share your progress with your mastermind group, and learn how to intentionally build the life you were made for, fisabilillah.

You will experience a supportive community, fun activity challenges, group coaching, engaging training exercises, celebration moments, and the 'A Life Captured' goal-setting mastery system—which will empower you to continue thriving independently once you’ve mastered it! (I’m serious!)

How You'll Feel During this Program



Each day will be centered around goals you love, focusing on the parts of life that matter most to you.



Experience transforming even the most mundane action steps into 'ibadah, allowing you to live consistently with greater Ihsan and a deeper connection to Allah.



Having a clear, actionable plan and consistently showing up for yourself builds the confidence that you can succeed in changing your life and yourself.



When you focus on what truly fulfills you in faith, relationships, and activities, you feel less stressed and chaotic, and more calm and collected.

The world is incredibly painful right now, and I'm sure you also have your own personal challenges you’re quietly battling alone...

You could sink into despair, sadness, and overwhelm or consider this:

Allah has placed you where you are for a reason. 

It’s from this place, and during this time, you are meant to worship, 
to love, and to make a difference.

As an adult juggling numerous responsibilities and navigating life's challenges, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and numb.

But I can teach you how to build meaningful life goals that transform 
your overwhelm into energy, influence, and impact.

You think you don’t have time and energy for something new, but you’re wrong, and I’ll prove it to you!

Get ready to replace doom scrolling with goals that ignite your passion and drive to live, fisabilillah.  

Instead of watching others live out their unique individual purpose via social media reels, taste the sweetness of moving towards your own.

Shift from being paralyzed about the state of the world to actively engaging in bringing direct benefit to those you can impact immediately, local or abroad.

Stop feeling distracted around your loved ones and feel more connected thru consistent actions that keep you closer.

You only have one life on this earth: make it meaningful and live fisabilillah.

I pursued passions that I'd been wanting to do for a long time... and that has helped me tremendously in building my confidence and sense of self-worth.

OML Member - Sister 
M.K.. - United Kingdom

Within this program I pursued dreams and passions that I'd been wanting to do for a long time and realized that doing the things I love to do has helped me tremendously in building my confidence and sense of self-worth. The positive shift I've experienced internally (especially with my mindsets and self-defeating beliefs I've held about myself over the years) is greater than I could have imagined.

I've  finally gotten a handle on goal-setting and how to do it properly (at least much better than I did in 2021) and learned that it's ok to make adjustments based on life circumstances

What will you have access to in the program? Here's a quick glance...

Weekly Video Training Modules

Each week you'll be invited to a special video training Module with Megan. The topics selected are meant to support you and your group to enhance both your ability to implement your goals but also offer smaller bite-sized challenges that can dramatically increase the quality of your life. 

Training #1:

Uncovering Your True Priorities and Passions

Training #2:

Becoming a 
Master Goal Setter

Training #3:

Goals Into 'Ibadah

Training #4:

 & Overcoming
Limiting Beliefs 

Training #5:

Transforming Guilt Into Meaningful Actions 

Training #6:

Authentically Talking
 to Allah as a Habit

Training #7:

Giving Yourself Grace
& Making Taubah

Training #8:

How to Reset, Renew, & Realign After a Bad Day

Training #9:

Fixing the Little Things You're Tolerating


Training #10:

Defining Your
Highest Personal Values

Training #11:

Showing Gratitude or Making Amends 

Training #12:

Importance of Measuring Progress & Celebrating


"A Life Captured" 
Goal Setting Mastery Method 

Once you use the A Life Captured: Goal Setting Mastery System featured in this program you’ll become a lifelong expert in goal setting, capable of guiding others! This system is the opposite of all the seven mistakes listed above! 

  • Discover how to identify goals that truly excite you and make you eager to find time for them.
  • Learn how to avoid goals based on shame, external pressures, or feelings of inadequacy.
  • Develop a concrete roadmap for taking action and avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Elevate your goals to become a form of worship rather than being purely nafs-driven desires.
  • Follow a game-changing system that has transformed the lives of other clients.
  • Gain a skill you can use for life and teach to others to support them in living fisabilillah.
  • Create a beautiful video of your life over our 12-week journey together—a treasure to look backon, share, and find inspiration from in the future. 

Weekly Group Coaching

Unlock Your Full Potential with Group Coaching!

Imagine being part of a powerful community where everyone is as committed as you are to achieving remarkable goals. Group Coaching with Megan is more than just a weekly meeting—it's a life-changing experience, and here’s why:

  • Unmatched Support and Motivation
    In our dynamic group coaching sessions, you won’t just receive support from me—Megan Wyatt—you’ll also gain the collective energy and encouragement from a group of driven, like-minded individuals. This community is your tribe, and together, you’ll push each other to heights you’ve never imagined.
  • Personalized Coaching and Real Connections 
    While group settings are powerful, each session also includes personalized touch points. You’ll have opportunities for 1-on-1 coaching within the group, allowing me to address your specific challenges and goals directly. Plus, you’ll build lasting connections with peers who share your journey and understand your struggles and triumphs.
  • Interactive Learning & Growth 
    Every session is crafted to be interactive and engaging. We’ll dive deep into practical exercises, real-world applications, and transformative discussions that will inspire you and keep you actively involved. It’s not just about learning; it’s about experiencing and applying new insights immediately.
  • Consistent Accountability & Progress
    One of the biggest game-changers in achieving your goals is accountability. With regular check-ins and a structure that keeps you on track, you’ll find it much easier to stay committed and see consistent progress. No more drifting or losing focus—our group will keep you moving forward.
  • Inspiration and Energy Boost
    Feeling the energy and excitement of others striving for greatness is contagious. Our group sessions will leave you feeling invigorated, inspired, and ready to tackle your challenges with renewed vigor. You’ll leave each session with a clear mind and a fired-up spirit, ready to make your dreams a reality.

In these sessions, you will also:

  • Develop an akhirah-based approach to goal setting and staying focused on what truly matters.
  • Overcome stumbling blocks or lack of confidence that stop you from taking new actions.
  • Find renewed energy and excitement for the week ahead as you refocus on what matters most.
  • Get inspired and discover genius ideas as you listen to your program friends share their progress.
  • Benefit from accountability with deadlines to get amazing life-building tasks done!
  • Experience being celebrated when you share powerful insights or cross a milestone

Unlock Even More Transformation with Our Bonus Curriculum!

The content in the OML Enrichment Library has been nothing short of life-changing for countless members of our community! Imagine having access to a treasure trove of expert insights, designed to elevate every aspect of your life right now.

This is not just extra content—it’s a powerhouse of transformation.

Created by a panel of top-notch teachers and professionals, alongside Megan, this library dives deep into the most important areas of your life, providing you with the knowledge and tools to thrive.

Here’s what awaits you in the OML Enrichment Library:

  • 50 Hours of Training Lessons: Comprehensive sessions taught by esteemed Islamic scholars and Muslim professionals.

  • Deep Dive Topics: Explore in-depth content covering faith, family life, and finding true fulfillment.

  • Digital Journal: Download your personal digital journal to track your gems and takeaways from each lesson.

  • 24/7 Access: Watch the content anytime, anywhere, based on your schedule.

See a full list of transformative training videos in our library and get ready to supercharge your journey.

Your Next Level Awaits!

Don’t just settle for change—go for transformation.

Dive into the OML Enrichment Library and unlock the full potential of this program. Your best life is just a click away.

Check out the library now and start your journey to unparalleled growth!

Testimonials from Members


I've been part of Megan's coaching program for several years, and in that time, my transformation has been nothing short of miraculous.

Before joining, my life felt like it was on hold, especially in three key areas: my health, my wealth, and my marriage. I had tried everything—self-help books, paid programs, therapy, and more.

Honestly, I stumbled upon Megan purely by chance. She was a guest on a podcast I regularly listen to, and her discussion about marriage and men’s issues resonated with me. She addressed these topics without dehumanizing men or bringing shame into the conversation. It was refreshing.

I appreciated her genuine investment in personal growth. Her approach isn't salesy at all; it's clear she truly wants to serve. I don’t think there’s anyone else out there doing what she does, the way she does it. Very few can match her quality and depth.

Megan's program seems to be designed from her passions and extensive experience as a coach within the Muslim community, long before coaching became mainstream.

Remarkably, what she offers aligned perfectly with what I needed at the time.

When I joined, my finances were tight, and I was hesitant to invest in another program. Looking back, the value of the program far exceeded what I paid.

My health has drastically improved, I'm no longer stuck in a dead-end job, and inshallah, I will be getting married soon.

That says it all. Investing in yourself is the best decision you can make.

If you're unhappy with your life and struggling to make changes on your own, Megan can help you.

Br. Ali

United Kingdom


Before joining Megan's program, I struggled with balancing work and family responsibilities. Motivation, time-management, and goal-setting were confusing and frustrating challenges for me.

Despite trying various online content and discussions with friends and family, I couldn't find a solution.

I wasn't sure if I will be able to fully explain what I am going through. I also thought I won't make any sense. I wasn't sure if coaching will help. I wasn't sure if I would follow through the program.

Sometimes I felt so stuck; I felt there was no solution except that I stop being lazy. 

I decided to work with Megan after following her Facebook posts and exploring her OML program, which focused on building a meaningful life within an Islamic framework.

I really felt understood. I loved the energy Megan brought to our discussions. I loved the insight I got on my inner state of mind and emotions. I loved the questions Megan would ask that helped me see things very clearly. I loved it that the steps I was supposed to take towards managing my goals, motivation, and time were simple, practical, and manageable.

I started finding clarity and progress after the very first coaching session!

However, Megan's understanding and energy made a significant difference.

Her insightful questions and practical steps helped me gain clarity and progress from the very first session.

I now better understand my goals, manage my time effectively, and feel more present with my family!

I highly recommend Megan’s coaching to anyone looking to bring clarity, motivation, and balance into their life.

Totally go for it!

Sr. M.M.



Before joining Megan's program, setting boundaries was a struggle.

Her coaching provided the perspective and tools I needed for those tough conversations, making it easier to manage my nerves.

Megan's action-oriented approach, empathy, and deep understanding of relational dynamics have been incredibly valuable.

She listens with compassion, giving me her undivided attention, reminiscent of the Prophet’s (PBUH) empathy.

I had consulted with other coaches and therapists, but Megan’s focus on positive psychology and mindset shifts set her apart.

Each session left me feeling empowered and energized, like discovering new strengths.

One of the things that really helped was the emphasis on *feeling* gratitude which was transformational for me.

Megan’s ability to summarize situations and offer practical tools made me feel heard and understood.

Her coaching, centered around Islamic values, has helped me navigate family dynamics, set meaningful goals, and take strategic action.

My initial biggest fear or hesitation in joining her program was putting myself in a vulnerable situation with sharing challenges, struggles and weaknesses.

What happened instead was I settled into the coaching conversation and felt at more at ease as the conversation progressed.

The coaching questions really made me put my thinking cap on!

If you're looking for a compassionate, skilled coach to help you build a meaningful life, I highly recommend Megan.

Br. F.N.
United Kingdom


My intention from joining One Meaningful Life was to fix my relationship and to find the power to start praying again. When I joined I was sad, tired, unfulfilled, I felt treated unfair, used, not respected, not loved, just giving and giving and all I got back was criticism.

I gave all I had, I had no energy left and nothing I did was good enough. I became inside an engry negative sad mother and everything bothered me. Every duty, every request, every need of others felt like burden over burden and behind the never ending burdens there was just a wall, jail cell inside wall. 

I lost also connection with sisters from the mosque and I was not praying anymore. No one could see that there was some problem from the outside; we are a happy, active and successful family with healthy kids Alhamdulilah.


I can't describe enough by words how much I benefited from the course and how grateful I am for getting the opportunity to literally put my life together. I learned what I needed and wanted and I feel that I got all I intended: my marriage is happy - including me being well rested most of the time, taking a guilt-free nap or break when needed, feeling loved and respected.

Communication and conflict resolution works smooth and it unlocked for our family new opportunities we never dreamed about.

When we learned to use our resources together as a team instead of wasting time and energy againist each other, we got opened a whole new world of what we can achieve.

I found a way to connect with sisters and I also enjoy praying again.

I am working on being a loving and caring mother and a good role model for our kids inshaAllah.

Sr. M.Z.



The positive shift I've experienced internally (especially with my mindsets and self-defeating beliefs I've held about myself over the years) is greater than I could have imagined:

-I'm much more relaxed and don't feel the need to control everything in my life

-I have greater confidence in my ability to recover from setbacks through the amazing strategies I've learned in this program

-I've finally gotten a handle on goal-setting and how to do it properly (at least much better than I did in 2021) and learned that it's ok to make adjustments based on life circumstances

-The holistic approach of this program encompassing development within the Faith, Family and Fulfillment areas plus the Islamic approach to doing it was exactly what I needed

-I've realized imposter syndrome is something everyone experiences in their lives so I feel relieved I'm not alone in this

-Within this program I pursued dreams and passions that I'd been wanting to do for a long time and realized that doing the things I love to do has helped me tremendously in building my confidence and sense of self-worth

I can't thank you enough for creating this program! May Allah SWT reward you immensely for all your efforts. Ameen.

Sr. M.K.

United States 

Get ready to build the life you were made for, fisabilillah.

Start Your Application Now!

Overcoming Your Doubts and Taking the Leap

I know committing to a new program can feel daunting. You might be wondering if you have the time, energy, or resources to invest in something new. Let's tackle some of these common concerns together:

"I’m already so busy. Will I have time for this?"

Life is busy for all of us, and that’s why this program is designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule. Each week’s content is delivered in manageable, bite-sized pieces that you can work on at your own pace. Plus, the focus you’ll gain will actually help you reclaim more time.

"I’ve tried other programs before and didn’t stick with them. Why will this be different?"

This isn’t just another program; it’s a complete transformation. The A Life Captured Goal Setting Mastery Method is designed to ignite your passion and keep you motivated. You’ll have a supportive community and regular coaching sessions with Megan to hold you accountable and push you to your highest potential. This time, you won’t be alone.

"I’m worried I won’t see results."

This system has changed lives, and there’s no reason it can’t change yours too. We’ll document your journey, so by the end, you can look back and see just how far you’ve come. Trust the process, and trust yourself—you will see results.

"I can’t afford this right now."

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. The skills and confidence you’ll gain from this program will benefit you for a lifetime. To make this accessible, we offer flexible payment plans because everyone deserves the chance to transform their life without financial stress.

Both your dunyah and akhirah depend on the choices you make right now. Your future is built today.

It’s time to replace hesitation with action.

Join Build the Life You Were Made For, Fisabilillah,  and transform your life into one filled with purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

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